"Reaching Back"

A Story of regaining Strength after Struggle, Strife and a Stroke

Tokashemia Grady

Inspirational Speaker
Expert Nurse Consultant

What you will find inside the book

A short story of tragedy turned into triumph. Tokashemia Grady endured hardships and trials that she never expected to encounter. Through it all, she was encouraged and realized that all of what she was enduring must not be for her alone. She decided that there had to be a purpose. After much thought and prayer, she decided to be transparent and share her story. This book was a part of the healing process. Reliving tragic moments in her life helped Tokashemia discover that God intended to mold a stronger prayer life, bible faith life, and more powerful woman of God. Tokashemia goes on to encourage those to become intentional and committed to building a relationship with God. Her stories bring to experience in heartache, loss, and abandonment. Also, it brings about hope, will, and drive to experience harmony, press toward a vision, apply faith, and to get up and keep going despite the challenges.

Table of Contents

1 My Hero

2 I Can´t See

3 What Happened

4 Dancing for Gor or Man

4 Training Wheels

4 Fool-Proof Plan

7 Correcting My Wrong

8 Good Looking

9 Not My Babies

10 Ride or Dies

11 Talitha Koum

12 I Am All In

The book in numbers



When you make it past your circumstances, reach back and help another that may be going through what you went through.

My Vision

My vision is to reach as many people as I can and share my story giving them the ambition to seek to heal and strive for hope and wholeness.

My Goal

My goal is to give readers the encouragement they need to persevere by being transparent and using my personal life experience to help individuals deal with challenging choices that may have led them to unfortunate situations.

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Tokashemia Grady

Inspirational Speaker - Entrepreneur - Expert Nurse Consultant